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UPS Systems

UPS systems are called uninterrupted power supplies because they guarantee uninterrupted energy!  The main idea behind one of these systems is to buy one power supply unit and be able to use it for everything. What this means is that if you should go through a power surge or load shedding, you will have sufficient back up energy to carry your household or office equipment for a given period of time. How long you will have back up power for really depends on the type and size of UPS system that you buy.

How does it work?

Simple. The system itself runs off a battery that is constantly charging while the power is on. It saves this charged energy and when the power goes out… the UPS system kicks in. UPS systems also come with a very useful control panel which makes it easy to program to shut down computers and machinery etc in the event of a power outage!


Standby Power System

This system monitors the power line and at the first sign of any problem or abnormality, it will switch over to battery power. This system takes several seconds to kick in so, in some cases info may be lost.

Online Power System

This system supplies your equipment and computers with constant power. This means that should the power go out, your machinery is instantly supplied with power, cutting out the inconvenience of losing data and important information. This unit is generally a little more expensive than the Standby power system.
We are available to advise you on the type and installation of your UPS system.

Energy Dynamics Africa Supplies the most reliable UPS Systems from APC.  APC Back-UPS  with SmartShedding™  Technology automatically powers down idle peripherals to save energy and money. With power ranging from 10-500KVA/kW

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